1.6.39 released, new stuff

December 3rd, 2013

We’ve been heads down for a few weeks, building a solid foundation for meshes and the other new features. Unfortunately this means we haven’t been doing our usual releases every other day or so. To try to make up for the wait we’ve just done a big release: version 1.6.39. This has lots of polish and some nice new features. Meshes are not quite ready yet unfortunately, but you can expect them to be included soon, likely within a week.

You can see the changelog for a full list of the latest changes. There have been many minor improvements, such as how the dopesheet highlights rows for items that are selected in the editor or tree. A few longstanding feature requests have been filled, such as copying keys from one bone to another and copying bone transforms from a set of bones to another.

Probably the most notable is a new Professional feature called “offset keys”. When enabled, this causes keys that are moved past the animation start or end to wrap automatically. Previously it was tedious to manually offset keys for secondary motion, now it’s done in one click and drag!

Well, back to work we go. The next update should have you playing with meshes!