* New HDR Color Picker
* Color Presets now also support HDR colors. Saving a HDR color will overlay a lowercase 'h' on the preset swatch.
* Color property fields can now be customized with the ColorUsageAttribute (show/hide alpha value, is HDR)
* Added Hex color field
* UnityEngine.Assertions
* Animation Window: Double-clicking a key in the curve editor now selects the whole curve. Double-clicking part of the curve still creates a new key at this position
* Animation Window: Slightly increased the clickable radius for keyframes in the curve editor
* Editor: Introduced CreateAssetMenu attribute. Apply it to ScriptableObject-derived types to cause them to show up automatically in the Assets/Create menu.
* Editor: Introduced HelpURL attribute, for setting custom documentation URL for user-authored classes.
* Editor: Simple expression evaluator for all number fields. Supports + - / * % ( ) operators. This means that all number fields can be used as a calculator.
* MonoDevelop: Including MonoDoc XML files for showing C# Intellisense tooltips in MonoDevelop
* 2D: Added Vector2.down and Vector2.left properties
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