Although it's a bit late to say that but still, HAPPY NEW YEAR. This is a short & funny animation related to a very popular game you all definetely know. Just to clear out, I'm not even playing this game, I'm just doing some animations of it because it's kinda fun & easy for me to work with these rigs. For this and every other animation I made, I used Cinema 4D R16 since I've like 2 years of knowledge with this program. For editing the animation itself, I used Adobe After Effects CS6. I hope you are going to enjoy this short animation and hope to make more soon. Leave down your opinion about it and if it's positive, then I'd appreciate it if you could leave also sub. That's all.

» Animation by me
» Music & SFX from Epidemicsound
» Rig by iFrost21

Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Maxon Cinema 4D R16

Yours sincerely,
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