I am running a Start-Up with some other guys. It's brand new and I am trying to find out if spine could help us creating games.
Okay, I've read the License which I have got (I bought spine essential for myself).

The License says
This Software License Agreement ("Agreement") is a binding agreement between
Esoteric Software ("Esoteric Software") and the person or entity licensing
the Spine Software ("You(r)") published by Esoteric Software
Here it says that the agreement is between a person or entity and Esoteric Software.

And it says
The Spine Essential License and the Spine Professional License
authorize a single named user to use the corresponding Essential or
Professional version of the Software with the provided license key
on up to two computers maximum. The use of the Software by anyone
other than the named user is expressly prohibited.
Now it's only talking about a single named user. That could be also the entity?

My question: For example the Start-Up (which is an entity?) buys two spine essential licenses. Is it legal that two game designer from the Start-Up work with spine? I know that there is also spine enterprise but we have no revenue so far. And of course the license should stick to the Start-Up and not the individuals.

Thanks for helping.
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The agreement is between Esoteric Software and your company, who is responsible for compliance with the agreement. The license is for a single, specific named user (meaning a person), not the company. Each person using Spine needs their own license. Technically the license is non-transferable, but if you need to change who the license is for, email us and it won't be a problem. The intent is that the license is not shared by a group or otherwise used by more than one person.

Legal stuff is never fun!
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