I found the following issue on github:

Skin change keys #34
Skin change keys · #34 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor

I think there is a huge demand about this.
Actually, I want this feature, and other user around me said like that, but I’m sad there are no progress... X(

I know you are busy, and you are working hard for Spine 4.0 features.
However, if you can foresee the solution about it or not, please tell me.

I appreciate your efforts everyday!
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Dear Misaki-san,

Yes, unfortunately this will have to wait, along with many other features that also have to be developed, as we're prioritizing the curve editor at the moment.
Perhaps for the moment I may help you figure out alternative solutions, could you make some practical examples of how you would like to use this feature?
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Thank you for your reply, Erika!

I see the situation.
About how I would use it is when I need to switch many attachments visibility, like switch character’s direction.

I know I can do it a bit easier even now by naming their slot with the same prefix or suffix and searching it on the tree.
However, it makes the dopesheet be long, and it will cause mistakes sometimes, because there are many attachment keys.
That’s why I’d love to change Skins in animations.

Ah, I came up with an idea!
I switch Filter on dopesheet many time, but there is no Hotkey to switch dopesheet filter each element.
For example, if you push Ctrl+Alt+A, the keys of attachments will be hidden on the dopesheet.
Actually, since I often switch keys of attachment visibility, I would be very very happy if it was realized.

Is it a bit easier than making a key of Skin change feature?
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