I am working with cocos2d-x and bought spine some days ago. Looks great so far :)

Right now I am trying to get the hang of it. For that I would like to create a simple animation.
What I want to achieve:

Standing person with idle-animation. The person should hold something in the hand (stick for example).
I would also like to replace the stick with something else. Now I know that it's able to have more than one image pinned to a spot. Is that the right way to do it? I thought that I have two pictures at the spot "hand" and switch the image in source code. Can I do that? Or do I need to create two animations (more or less the same) and use a different image?

Thanks for helping! (I had no idea which forum fits for this question, so I used off-topic)


It's working with slots and attachments. I feel so noob :D
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Sorry I'm late, glad you worked it out! :)
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